Altmetrics: An introduction to alternative metrics


Altmetrics, or alternative metrics, are forging a new way to capture the attention of not only articles, but also scholarly or research ‘‘products’’ by tracking them when they are mentioned online, such as in blogs or social media platforms. While altmetrics have a lot of potential, there are also some limitations preventing their full acceptance alongside traditional citation metrics.

Tech Trends with Tine: Wearables


Technology is pervasive. It has even become part of our daily apparel. Your shirt can sense the presence of another of its kind. Your watch can track your vital signs. Your shoes can keep track of your pace. Your undergarments can track your heart rate.

Authenticity of Information in GPO’s Federal Digital System


As a trusted source for Federal Government information, verifying the authenticity of electronic documents is very important to GPO.

In this webinar, we will specifically discuss the tools and mechanisms GPO provides to verify authenticity and communicate content integrity through GPO’s Federal Digital System (FDsys).

STEM-ing Out


There is a growing emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, in schools, businesses, and public discussion these days.  Schools are struggling to find qualified teachers in STEM subjects, and businesses are having trouble finding skilled STEM graduates for jobs.  Meanwhile many graduates are missing out on some of the best paying jobs today. Libraries can play a key role in addressing these shortfalls.

Using Technology to Engage the Reluctant Reader


Now, more than ever, school librarians are leading creative technology use in K–12, from maker activities and robotics to mobile devices. Led by top practitioners in the field, these one-hour free programs will provide practical takeaway information on these hot topics in ed tech.

Getting Started with Digitization: An Introduction for Libraries


Do you have special collections that need to be digitized? Digitization projects can be a big undertaking, but the key to success is in the planning process. Libraries must consider content selection, scanning processes, copyright, and making content available for public use.

Engaged Planning


How can you make your library the heart of the community?

To survive and thrive in the current political and fiscal climate, libraries must reflect their communities’ needs and wants. Learn the basics of turning outward in order to reflect the aspirations of your community as you plan for your library's future.

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2016 Knight News Challenge on Libraries


This webinar will explore the future of libraries and potential ideas for the second Knight News Challenge on Libraries.

New Spring Nonfiction for the Library, Classroom and Home


With the elevated emphasis of higher learning standards, providing patrons with informative, high-quality (and highly appealing) nonfiction is more vital than ever. Outstanding nonfiction is key to meeting the needs of all readers, from the very youngest library users to high school students.

Podcasts and Information Professionals


Podcasts have become more heavily-used media in our society, and are becoming a stronger resource for professionals across the board. The past few years have seen the medium move from hobbies and entertainment to a platform for discussion of cutting-edge medical education and presidential interviews.

Join us to discuss podcasts as a new frontier for information professionals and users.

All About Google



Learn all about Google's cloud based service for document creation and collaboration including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms.  We will also show how Google ties into the Gale Resource Library. Presented by UEN.

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Building an E-book Collection


Are you struggling to determine how best to spend your e-book budget?
Do you need help navigating the confusing landscape of e-book availability for libraries?
Would you like to stretch your libraries budget to build a comprehensive and cost-effective e-book collection?

Exploring the Engineering is Elementary Website to Enhance Your Engineering Curriculum


In this session, presenter Nicole O’Neil will introduce participants to the Engineering is Elementary (EiE) curriculum, the nation’s leading engineering curriculum for grades 1-5 which supports educators and children in developing engineering literacy.

The Networking Game


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How well are you telling your story and showing your impact?, a free tool for nonprofits, can help with that. Silk can turn data in spreadsheets into websites, interactive charts and data visualizations, impact maps, a story canvas, or a contact database! Without using any code or requiring any tech skills.

Explore and Discover: Nature-Based Spaces and Activities at your Library


A webinar on library programming that encourages children to explore, discover and connect with nature.

Responding To Challenges -- Ensure Your Library Is Prepared


Has a book been challenged in your library? How should your library respond if someone challenges one of your books on social media? This 1.5 hour webinar will leave you better prepared to respond to challenges. We’ll explore policies that can protect the library, and hear from libraries that have had materials challenged recently. We’ll also allow time for questions.


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