Georgia’s Libraries + Technology

Georgia’s public libraries are bridging the technology gap and giving Georgians opportunities at success they might not have otherwise.

Libraries are meeting the technology needs of Georgians and giving them the ability to apply for jobs and retirement benefits, get help with homework and even learn how to build a robot!

Public libraries across Georgia play an essential role in providing internet access, especially in rural and underserved areas that lack basic connectivity. This has been especially evident during times of distance learning and business shutdowns, when people needed to access public Wi-Fi to complete work.

Georgia’s public libraries provide a variety of technology-related services, programs, projects and educational resources that both libraries and the community at large can use.

Keep reading to learn about technology in Georgia’s public libraries.

librarian shows children how to use an ipad in the library

NOTE: Libraries offer technology services and resources based on the needs of their communities. Please contact your local library to learn about what’s available in your area.

man using laptop outside

High-Speed WiFi Connectivity

All public libraries in Georgia offer high-speed Wifi that patrons can use even when the building is closed.

If you’re inside a library building, just hop on using your personal device.

If the library is closed, just pull up, connect from your vehicle, and get to work!

Chromebooks and Mobile Hotspots

Library cardholders can borrow Chromebooks and mobile hotspots from many of Georgia’s public libraries. This means that Georgians who do not have a reliable computer and/or internet connectivity at home still have the ability to search for jobs, stay connected with friends and family, and use library resources.

Availability varies, so contact your local library to learn about what’s available.

chromebook for checkout from public library
Technology Loaner Kits allow libraries to introduce patrons to the latest technology, tools, and gadgets.

Technology Loaner Kits

Technology Loaner Kits provide libraries with opportunities to become familiar with new technology devices without having to purchase them. The kits can be used for both staff and patron training and programming.

Georgia Public Library Service currently offers tech kits to libraries that focus on other areas like 3D printing, virtual reality, digitization, and even a retro kit that includes a turntable, tape converter, and VHS adapter. Plans are in the works for additional ones to include telescope, 3D scanning, drone, and live streaming kits. Learn more about tech check out kits.

Thousands of Computers

There are over 10,000 public computers available in public libraries across the state. No matter where you live in Georgia, there is a library near you where you can get online and get work done.

Patrons use a library’s computers to search for jobs, research for a school assignment, and much more. Some patrons have even used a library’s computers as they complete their degree.

“Internet and computer access at the library is a lifeline for many residents,” said Kandis Mingo of Douglas, Georgia.” I used my library’s computers, printers, resources, and internet to obtain my master’s degree in criminal justice.”

Learn more about computer access at the library.


Makerspaces are collaborative work spaces that promote and foster creativity. In them, you will find tools for making, learning, exploring and sharing that use no-tech to high-tech tools. These spaces are open to kids, adults and entrepreneurs and have a variety of maker equipment including 3D printers, virtual reality glasses, Legos, paint sets, soldering irons and even sewing machines. Makerspace programming typically includes electronics design, computer modeling, coding, 3-D design and a tangible end product.

Use the map below to find a Makerspace close to you.