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These listservs provide a forum for staff and friends of Georgia’s public libraries to share ideas and discuss relevant issues. Use these links to sign up for email listservs relevant to your interests.

Lists A-F

Lists G-O

  • GADD-L – Georgia Download Destination
  • GAIT-L – Georgia Association for Instructional Technology
  • GALIBERATE-L – Georgia Libraries E-Rate
  • GLS-L – Georgia Libraries for Accessible Statewide Services
  • GPLS – PLAY Card
  • GOLD-L – Resource Sharing Network
  • LIBMARKETING-L – Library Marketing and Communications
  • LIBTECH – Georgia Libraries Lib Tech Fund Information
  • LIFTGRANTS – Georgia Libraries LIFT Grants News
  • OUTREACHEXTN-L – Outreach/Extension Services for Public Libraries

Lists P-Y

  • PINES-Directors – PINES Directors Mailing List
  • PINES-L – PINES General Discussion List
  • PINNACLE2019-L -Pinnacle 2019 Group
  • PLD-L – Georgia Public Library Directors
  • R-PLAC – Regents Public Library Advisory Committee
  • TECHTALK – Georgia Libraries Information Technology Discussion Group
  • TRUSTEES-L – Georgia Public Library Service Trustees Listserv
  • WEBMASTER-L – Library Webmaster Discussion Group
  • YASVS-L – For Georgia public library staff who work with tweens and teens