Adult Services provides assistance to library staff who focus their efforts on the adult community. This can include programming, reference, and other services.

Adult Services in Georgia Public Libraries:

  • Offer a welcoming place for adults to learn, have fun, and thrive
  • Promote lifelong engagement and learning
  • Build social capital and fight systemic inequality
  • Cultivate conversation and community

Christopher Evans
Community Engagement Librarian

Join the Adult Services Listserv

The Georgia Public Library Service Adult Services Listserv (ADULTSERV-L) is open to people working in Georgia’s public libraries. If you are a library staff member serving adults this is a great way to keep current, learn about meetings and grants, and receive help with issues concerning adult services.

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ladies attending workshopAdult Programming Palooza

A full day training designed to connect those in adult services from around the state. Collaboration and shared experiences are the focus of this annual event that employs a variety of activities to highlight the many facets of adult programming.

This event is generously sponsored by the Georgia Library Association Professional and Continuing Education Interest Division and the Georgia Public Library Service.

For more information, contact Kara Rumble ( or Amie Torok (

Outreach Bonanza

A full day training focused on innovative community engagement programs throughout Georgia. The training includes lightning round program pitches, presentations by experts in the field, and a tour of library outreach vehicles. The training is designed to bring together those already doing community engagement and those wanting to learn more about partnering with their community.

This event is generously sponsored by the Georgia Library Association Public Library Division and the Georgia Public Library Service.

For more information, contact Marie Vielot ( or Delores Gulley (

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Adult Programming One Sheets

Need help coming up with ideas for programs for adults? Use our programming one-sheets. Here’s a collection of adult program descriptions that detail the elements and actions needed to replicate the programs at your library.

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Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative (ELI)

Introducing Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative (ELI).

All public libraries in Georgia offer FREE access to Entrepreneurial Mindset Training, an online, self-paced course focused on the attitudes and thinking that lead to entrepreneurial success. Discover your business potential with online, self-paced entrepreneurial mindset training. Learn how to identify, evaluate and transform your business ideas into a sustainable success with entrepreneurial mindset training.

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Integrating Empathy and Boundaries in Our Professional Relationships | Presented by Mazi Robinson

As much as we are wired for connection, connection is not always easy. Whether in our personal or professional lives, we are all going to encounter people that bug us, frustrate us, or even hurt us. How do we healthily engage with others when the relationship is not what we want it to be? We do so with boundaries and empathy. In this presentation, Licensed Counselor and speaker Mazi Robinson discusses knowing when and how to set boundaries in our relationships so that we can hold onto who we want to be and practice empathy and kindness towards others.

Understanding Anxiety In Unprecedented Times

Anxiety. Stress. Worry. Racing Thoughts. These are the things that keep many of us up at night stealing our sleep, our concentration, and even our joy. If you are like most, you have experienced an increase in your anxious feelings over the past year due to COVID and the continued uncertainty we are all living in. Feeling anxious is normal, but living in the grip of anxiety does not have to be your normal. Your life, your relationships, what you do, what you say do NOT have to be controlled by anxiety. There IS another way. Join Licensed Counselor Mazi Robinson as she discusses some truths about anxiety and shares tools on how we can take back control of our hearts and minds even in such unprecedented times.

Leadership Tools: Learning When to Detach and When to Engage

There are two things that inhibit effective leadership: an overattachment to approval and a hesitation to lean into the hard and challenging. Approval seeking and fear of criticism keep us from effectively leading our teams and ourselves because we avoid situations that might stretch us or lead to conflict. Instead, we want to detach from approval and criticism so that we can experience the freedom to engage in courageous and bold leadership. Join Licensed Counselor Mazi Robinson as she discusses how our fear of criticism develops, how to healthily detach, and ways to effectively engage team members to improve communication and productivity.

Burnout is Real: Causes, symptoms, and the path to recovery

During the pandemic, 89% of worldwide workers reported feeling professionally burned out. Burnout is a term that is often thrown around but is rarely truly understood.

The World Health Organization has included burnout on its International Classification of Diseases, and it occurs when work demands surpass our available personal resources. Burnout is real and burnout recovery is possible!

Join Licensed Professional Counselor Mazi Robinson as she discusses the causes and symptoms of burnout and gives concrete steps you can take to move towards recovery.