Georgia Public Library Service collects and analyzes financial, demographic, staffing, and service data from public libraries in Georgia to highlight the value of programs and services of the more than 400 public libraries in every county of the state.

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Whitney Payne
Director of Research and Statistics

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Fiscal Year 2023

Year in Review


A Current Look at Georgia’s Public Libraries and GPLS

Download: Current Look FY 2020

Fiscal Year 2020 Data, Issued June 2021

>> Archived FY 2019 version (pdf)
>> Archived FY 2018 version (pdf)
>> Archived FY 2017 version (pdf)
>> Archived FY 2016 version (pdf)
>> Archived FY 2015 version (pdf)
>> Archived FY 2014 version (pdf)

Public Libraries Survey Data and Reports

Use this resource to browse over 25 years’ worth of research publications about the Public Libraries Survey (PLS) to gain insights about public libraries in the United States, including the PLS annual reports, research briefs, supplementary data tables and other publications listed below by fiscal year.

This information examines when, where and how library services are changing to meet the needs of the public. These data, compiled by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, provide information that policymakers and practitioners can use to make informed decisions about the support and strategic management of libraries.