School is back in session, and with it may come the need for extra math or reading practice.

Did you know that with your public library card, you have access to LearningExpress Library, which offers practice and lessons for elementary, middle, and high school students?

LearningExpress Library has tests, tutorials, study guides, and more to help students improve in subjects like math and language arts. Students can use it to learn challenging material without families having to pay for a tutor. LearningExpress makes it easy to find tools based on a student’s grade level.

GALILEO also offers access to several ebook collections that can be used to find books for students in any grade level. Students can practice their reading skills, find sources for their next research paper, or find books for casual reading.


For elementary students, LearningExpress Library offers math and reading skills improvement tools. Students can take practice tests on math topics like geometry and number operations to see how well they know the material and see why they got certain questions wrong. Students can go through guided lessons and watch videos to help them improve.

Through GALILEO, you also can find books for your student to put their reading skills to the test. Users can browse ebook collections like the EBSCO eBook K 8 Collection to find books by categories such as fiction, sports, crafts, and more, or use GALILEO’s search function to find books based on a student’s needs and interests.


Middle school students can watch videos, go through guided lessons, and take tests to improve math, reading, and writing. After completing practice tests, LearningExpress Library will break down students’ scores and recommend resources like ebooks or tutorials to improve.

LearningExpress Library also offers skills improvement for math concepts such as algebra, data analysis, and geometry.

Practice tests on reading comprehension skills can help students read and understand different types of writing such as persuasive and informational.


LearningExpress Library also has skill improvement tools for high school students. If a student encounters a challenging topic in one of their classes and would benefit from extra practice, they can make use of the platform’s many tutorials, videos, ebooks, and practice problems.

The program provides resources for math topics such as algebra and calculus, as well as for skills needed for English and language arts topics like reading comprehension, vocabulary and spelling, writing, and grammar.

For high school students in need of logic and reasoning skills improvement, LearningExpress Library makes available numerous ebooks with lessons and problems to improve decision-making and problem-solving skills. Students who improve their overall ability to approach and solve challenging problems not only do better in school, but can also apply these skills in their lives beyond high school.


For students who are considering college, LearningExpress Library offers study guides and practice tests for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. Students planning to take Advanced Placement (AP) exams have access to tools to help them prepare in subjects like biology, English, and statistics. Students can use study guides, flash cards, and practice tests to prepare for their AP exams to score well enough to earn college credit, saving valuable money on tuition.

LearningExpress Library and EBSCO ebook collections are some of the many tools available through GALILEO that make a great addition to a student’s learning toolkit. They also make a great resource for teachers looking for extra reading or lesson material that works with their school’s curriculum.


You can sign on and use LearningExpress Library anywhere using your library card. Here’s how to get started.

Go to, or look for the link on your local library’s website.

On this web page, type and select the name of your public library, then use your library card number and PIN to log in.

Your pin is the four-digit code that you set up when you received your library card. PINES cardholders can log into their account at and select “GALILEO Virtual Library” at the top of the webpage.

To find LearningExpress Library on GALILEO, with “Bento Search” selected on the homepage search bar, type and enter the name of the resource you would like to explore in the search box. The link to LearningExpress Library can be found in the “Databases” column.

Whether you’re studying, teaching, or just want to learn something new, GALILEO has something for everyone. Use the suggested tools or explore GALILEO and find resources for your student’s specific learning needs.