Sign Language Interpretation and Captioning

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Sign Language Interpretation

Georgia Interpreting Services Network (GISN)

GISN provides certified interpreters across the state.

LATN Language Solutions

LATN is a statewide service that offers various types of in-person sign language interpretation, including tactile signing for individuals who are deaf-blind.

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc (RID)

RID has search options for individual providers, ranging from students and associates to certified interpreters. You can also search for registered agencies in your area.

Sign Language Interpreting Specialists, Inc (SLIS)

SLIS provides sign language interpretation across the southeast, including Georgia.


ZVRS provides Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) year round so you can get interpretation for phone calls.


Accessibility Solutions and Resource Center (AMAC)

AMAC offers different types of captioning at fee-per-service levels for member organizations. Most memberships are free.

Caption Crew

Provides Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART), also known as real-time captioning. Services are remote or on-site. They also provide captioning for videos.

Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC)

CCAC provides grants up to $300 for groups which need live captioning, and aren’t in a group “who need to budget and plan for inclusion of captioning from day one.” They may not accept applications from libraries.

LATN Language Solutions

LATN offers on-site and remote real-time captioning for videos.

NCRA Sourcebook

Under “Services” search for CART Captioning to find providers statewide.


Rather than using the automated captioning feature when uploading your videos to YouTube, add and sync your own captions.Aside from staff time, this option is free.