South Georgia Regional Library

2023 Year in Review

Georgia Public Library Service empowers libraries to improve the lives of all Georgians.

This Year in Review highlights some of our most impactful work in technology, early literacy, and library construction, all of which were made possible by the financial support of the State of Georgia and the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

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Serving All Georgians

Public library services extend beyond their walls to integrate into the communities they serve, as well as online.

The value of a library to its community is significant. As the one community institution that welcomes people at every age and stage of life, meeting their diverse needs and educational aspirations, the library symbolizes a community’s commitment to future generations.

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Leading in Technology and Internet Access

All of Georgia’s public libraries offer free high-speed internet access, including in rural and underserved areas that lack basic connectivity.

Public libraries are bridging the digital divide and helping people across Georgia access critical learning resources and online services.

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Building Strong Foundations for Early Literacy

Utilizing diverse sources of funding, Georgia Public Library Service is building strong foundations for early literacy across several initiatives.

Libraries also encouraged students of all ages to read and prepare for the next school year through the Institute of Museum and Library Services-funded Summer Reading Program.

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Strengthening Libraries from the Ground Up 

Georgia Public Library Service helps communities build new libraries and revitalize existing structures.

GPLS serves as an advisor between communities and state funding agencies, helping libraries navigate the funding process and assisting with planning and budgeting for new construction or renovation.

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Improving Lives and Transforming Communities

In partnership with Georgia Public Library Service, the state’s 407 public library facilities have played essential roles in post-pandemic recovery, competitiveness, and resilience throughout Georgia.

Our libraries are the heart and soul of their communities. They are vibrant and relevant to users with a wide variety of needs, hopes, and dreams, and they serve everyone in their communities.

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