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Leading in Technology and Internet Access

Students, families, workers, and job seekers are checking out technology devices from libraries and using them in their daily lives.

In 2023, Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS) provided more than 7,000 Chromebooks and 2,800 Launchpad learning tablets to public libraries with support from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) funds.

GPLS shipped the equipment directly to all 60 library systems to ensure fast deployment where it was needed most, preloading the Launchpads with applications to encourage language and literacy development. GPLS also provided supporting equipment, such as charging carts, bags, and replacement parts, and continues to provide device management and support.

  All of Georgia’s public libraries offer free high-speed internet access, including in rural and underserved areas that lack basic connectivity.

GPLS assists libraries in securing discounts through the federal E-Rate program, enabling all 407 public library facilities in Georgia to provide free high-speed internet not only to their patrons, but also to the communities they serve.

With this access, patrons can use a personal mobile device or public access computer to search for jobs, apply for retirement benefits, stay connected to friends and family, and more.

By making it possible for patrons to check out devices for at-home use and offering high-speed internet access, public libraries are bridging the digital divide and helping people across Georgia access critical learning resources and online services.

Georgia's public libraries provide connectivity