Directions for using our logos and colors can be found in our Logo, Brand and Style Guidelines.


The Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS) provides innovative, scalable library technology and services; staff training and best practices; access to grants and funding to create equity in library experience for patrons no matter where they live. We also work with elected officials to ensure they understand the critical role that libraries play in meeting the immediate and long-term needs of citizens.

Georgia Public Library Service is the state library administrative agency and a unit of the Board of Regents, University System of Georgia.

Visual identity standards ensure consistency for the use of the GPLS logo and other depictions. These standards are the primary reference for anyone who develops correspondence or promotional materials for GPLS departments, programs, and initiatives. This includes materials for programs sponsored solely by the GPLS or for which the GPLS may be a co-sponsor with another institution or organization. The GPLS is required by Federal law to abide by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA Section 508 specifically addresses website content and interface functionality to ensure content is accessible to everyone. It is the responsibility of each individual who creates such documents and websites to adhere to the GPLS and ADA standards to ensure that a clear, consistent message and image are communicated to the GPLS’s varied audiences. More information can be found by visiting our Website Information page.

Oversight and Responsibility

Georgia Public Library Service Communications is responsible for maintaining GPLS visual and editorial standards. All publications prepared for distribution by the GPLS departments, divisions and its affiliates must be reviewed by GPLS Communications prior to production in final form to ensure their compliance with the visual standards outlined here.

When considering or developing publications, please contact GPLS Communications early in the development process to ensure that your publication is in compliance with the GPLS visual identity standards and, therefore, help build the Georgia Public Library Service brand.

If you have questions or inquiries about Georgia Public Library Service visual identity standards, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the visual identity standards aim to accomplish?

The goal is to develop cohesive messages through branding standards and a consistent visual identity for the Georgia Public Library Service. Having a defined brand will help to communicate the brand to the appropriate target audience at the appropriate time.

Why does having branding standards matter?

To achieve brand recognition, the Georgia Public Library Service must provide a distinct, consistent, and memorable experience that is articulated through compelling messaging and a consistent visual identity.This ensures target audiences will have a consistent experience with GPLS. An integrated brand also ensures that appropriate and timely messages are communicated and reinforced. Over time, this will translate into increased brand recognition and understanding from all key audiences.

See our our Logo, Brand and Style Guidelines.

How will this affect my department?

This will affect individual departments differently depending on how consistent a department has been in communicating and supporting the Georgia Public Library Service brand. Adopting consistent messaging and strong visual identity standards will align your communications efforts more effectively with the GPLS brand, making the extension of the brand richer, stronger, more relevant, and more recognizable.

Will individual departments, programs and initiatives that already have their own logos be able to keep them?

Departments with their own logos will be expected to phase out secondary marks they may be using and to adopt the Georgia Public Library Service brand architecture. Secondary marks weaken the overall GPLS brand and create confusion among stakeholders. The GPLS brand is our most recognizable and powerful asset. When departments directly align with the GPLS brand, the associated prestige accrues to those departments as well. Programs and initiatives will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may be allowed to retain their own logos based on a number of factors including independent, accrued brand recognition.

Is there ever a time when my unit can develop symbols, icons, images, type treatments, marks, or logos?

The overall objective of the brand recognition efforts is to create a consistent and cohesive look throughout all media and materials. Going forward, the creation of new logos or marks will be discontinued. However, there are times when individual departments, programs and initiatives will want to create a theme for a special event, conference or celebration. The creation of marks such as these will require collaboration and approval from Georgia Public Library Service Communications.

How should I implement these changes for my department, program or initiative?

Individual departments, programs and initiatives can implement changes on a gradual basis, coinciding with normal schedules of updating, revising, and redesigning communication materials. The goal is to not incur additional costs associated with being in alignment with the brand initiative. In today’s digital world, many of these changes can be made quickly without incurring costs.

The Name

The first time the name “Georgia Public Library Service” is mentioned in any publication, the reference should be Georgia Public Library Service. Second references may be shortened to GPLS.

Acronyms and Initialism

Acronyms and initialisms should be avoided when using graphics to describe divisions, departments, programs and initiatives because they are not particularly effective in communicating meaning. Initials-based logos will not be supplied, created, or endorsed. One of the overall goals of the visual identity standards is to eventually eliminate previously created initials-based logos.

Resizing the Logo

The Georgia Public Library Service logo should be resized while maintaining the proper proportions. Using the corner handles and simultaneously holding down the shift key to resize will accomplish this. With some software the user may not need to hold down the shift key when resizing. If the logo looks squished, squeezed, stretched or distorted, you have not resized correctly. The logo must not be edited or altered in any way outside of the variations described in this manual. Please direct any questions you may have to

See our Logo, Brand and Style Guidelines for more instructions.

Approved Logos

Primary logo – JPG

Secondary logo – JPG

Secondary logo – PNG

Brand Colors

glps brand color

Dark Blue

C: 100 M: 88 Y: 0 K: 0
R: 0 G: 56 B: 168
HEX #0038A8

glps brand color

Medium Blue

C: 87 M: 53 Y: 19 K: 2
R: 35 G: 110 B: 157
HEX #236E9D

glps brand color

Light Blue

C: 54 M: 9 Y: 7 K: 0
R: 110 G: 188 B: 219

glps brand color

Dark Green

C: 50 M: 0 Y: 99 K: 15
R: 121 G: 173 B: 55
HEX #79AD37

glps brand color


C: 50 M: 0 Y: 99 K: 0
R: 141 G: 198 B: 64
HEX #8DC641

glps brand color


C: 70 M: 42 Y: 15 K: 2
R: 87 G: 129 B: 171
HEX #5781AB