2016-2019 Strategic Plan

Download the 2016-19 GPLS Strategic Plan (PDF)


Serve as trusted advisors to the library community

  • Provide leadership that facilitates and promotes excellence in library administration and in the professional expertise of librarians and other staff.
  • Provide professional consulting services to public library administrators, staff, trustees and Friends of libraries.
  • Provide leadership training to ensure the success of the next generation of public library administrators.
  • Maintain the highest standards in the oversight, utilization and accountability in the distribution of state and federal library funds.

Develop a supportive community for Georgia’s public libraries

  • Provide opportunities for collegial knowledge sharing, especially with library administrators.
  • Foster financial stability for public libraries by maximizing public, political and financial support for the services they provide.
  • Communicate and advocate with funding partners at local, state and national levels to ensure adequate resources are available for public library services.
  • Provide leadership and assistance to library trustees, staff and Friends of libraries in the creation and implementation of effective local, state and national advocacy efforts

Ensure equal access to information and technology

  • Ensure the equitable distribution of state public library grant funds and the effective utilization of federal library funds.
  • Coordinate collaborative purchases to leverage available funding for the maximum benefit of all public libraries and library systems in the state.
  • Encourage cooperative ventures and new thinking in resource sharing.

Foster a culture of learning statewide

  • Provide expertise and educational opportunities needed to ensure that public libraries can provide optimal service at every Georgia library.
  • Reinforce the library’s role in supporting education at every level, from early literacy to workforce development and the support of lifelong learning.
  • Develop and manage partnerships with other agencies, including other units of the University System of Georgia, to provide and support enhanced library programs and services.

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