Pam Johnson of Fayetteville recently completed Entrepreneurial Mindset Training at the Peachtree City Library. The free, self-paced program helps people understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and it is available at all Georgia public libraries. She hopes to start a decluttering business, and the tools she learned from the library will help her on her journey.

“I had just recently quit my job and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next,” said Pam. “I thought about starting my own business, but I didn’t know the first step. I go to my library weekly, and I learned from my friend, who is a librarian, about Entrepreneurial Mindset Training.”

Participants are prompted to engage in exercises that connect their life experience to that of successful entrepreneurs, develop a personal vision, interview a local entrepreneur, identify a problem they would like to solve, and complete an opportunity canvas that helps them refine and validate their solution.

For Pam, being able to access the training online, at her pace, was key.

“The training itself was easy to follow,” she said. “I liked that each module could stand alone, and the follow-up exercises put me in the mindset of thinking: Do I want to pursue this type of experience? What would success look like for me?”

Now she is thinking through her ideas to determine her next step.

“One of the key things about being an entrepreneur is solving a problem,” she said. “So I’m taking my ideas and considering, how will this solve a problem? Instead of just, will this make me money? Decluttering does solve a problem for people. The course exercises will help me decide if this is something I want to start as a business.”

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woman sorting through a box of photographs

Here, Pam Johnson sorts through old photos and organizes them for a decluttering client. The goal is to keep one copy of a photo for an album and distribute the rest to the client’s family members.