Family & Local History Marketing Toolkit

Georgia’s public libraries are an invaluable source for people to find information about local history and genealogy, but many don’t even know they can access these resources – freely – at the library.

Raise awareness in your community using these marketing materials. Included below are online resources, engaging print materials, graphics, and sample messages that can be used as emails or social media posts. You can customize the graphics with your library’s logo and URL.

If you have a special collection at your library, you can customize messages to fit. You can also reach out to for guidance on how to market your collections.

photos of families collage

Online Genealogy Resources Through Your Library

All Georgia public library patrons have access to genealogy and local history research tools anytime, anywhere, through their library card! Guide them to the sites below for more information:

…and many more! Check out Cyndi’s List for even more free online genealogy resources, including FindAGrave, FamilySearch, the National Archives, and others.

Social Media Guidance

Engage your social media followers with your genealogy resources in just a few easy steps! Georgia’s libraries and archives are posting information about genealogy and local history news and research all the time. These social media feeds are full of articles, pictures, and videos to share with your audiences.

Get connected with organizations that share about genealogy and local history in Georgia

Follow the accounts below on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and/or Instagram (All organizations might not be on all social media platforms).

  • @georgialibraries
  • @diglibga
  • @galileolibrary
  • @georgiaarchives
  • @ngencyclopedia

Start sharing

  • Retweet or share from the above accounts.
  • Create your own posts using some of the sample messages below.
  • Use hashtags to stay included! Try these listed or discover new ones: #genealogy, #FamilyHistory, #ancestry, #GenealogyTips, #HistoricalNewspapers, #GenealogyGeek, #FamilyHistoryMatters, #FamilyTree
  • Share your library’s genealogy, local history, and archives events and experiences with your followers and other librarians
  • Share #ThisDayInHistory facts or #GenealogyPhotoADay stories from your local community
  • Honor various celebration days by searching for and posting relevant images from the New Georgia Encyclopedia, the Digital Library of Georgia, or other #Georgia institution!

Graphics for Social Media

Feel free to use these graphics, along with the messages below, to raise awareness of your library’s genealogy resources.

Messages for social media

General messages:

  • Explore #Genealogy and #LocalHistory research resources at your local public library! Learn more at 
  • Interested in exploring your community’s history and culture? Your local public library has resources that can help you get started or dive deeper into your research. Ask your librarian to get started or visit
  • Learn and preserve local history at your local library; here’s how:
  • Many of Georgia’s libraries are collecting community stories–such as oral histories, written narratives, photographs, artwork, and video recordings–about their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can view a listing of the projects at
  • Ask your public librarian for a copy of “Georgia’s Treasures,” which gives a thorough description of genealogy, history, and cultural collections at Georgia public libraries.
  • Ancestry Library Edition brings the world’s most popular consumer online genealogy resource to your public library. Check it out for free with your public library password or PINES card number:
  • Unlock the story of you with Ancestry Library Edition sources like censuses, vital records, immigration records, family histories, military records, court and legal documents, directories, photos, maps, and more. Ask your librarian or access online through your library: #GeorgiaLibraries
  • There are many local history resources available online through #GeorgiaLibraries Check them out here:…
  • Public libraries often preserve local culture and history. Ask your librarian or explore online resources here:
  • Every year, Georgia’s public libraries support the addition of tens of thousands of digitized newspaper pages to the Georgia Historic Newspapers portal. Just one more way public libraries support history in the making. #GeorgiaLibraries
  • Did you know many libraries collect unique, rare, or hard-to-find archival and primary resources? These are records you won’t find anywhere else, like this enormous 450-year-old book, these oral history interviews recalling the experiences of Chinese-American families in Augusta, Georgia, mid-century photographs from an African American community in north Georgia, or newspapers documenting the burgeoning indie music scene in Athens, Georgia.
  • Your library has everything you need to explore family, local, and national history. Here are five quick tips for getting the most out of these free resources:

Online resources:

  • Climb your #FamilyTree while staying in your pajamas with online genealogy resources from #GeorgiaLibraries and @galileolibrary. Use your public library card to access
  • Want to know about local news? Interested in what happened in Georgia in 1920? Search Georgia Historic Newspapers for current & archived issues of #HistoricalNewspapers.
  • Was your family in the news? Search your #ancestors by name with @diglibga’s Georgia Historic Newspapers portal, supported by @georgialibs: #GeorgiaLibraries
  • @Ancestry has launched a collection of Freedman’s Bureau records to help Black Americans trace their descendants. Login from home with your @PINES library card!
  • The Digital Library of Georgia provides access to dozens of genealogical collections from public libraries across Georgia like historic photographic collections, university yearbooks, song books, student newspapers and more. Visit the Digital Library of Georgia
  • Looking for homeschooling resources? Georgia Historic Newspapers gives you free access to over 1.5 million newspaper pages–perfect for your next social studies, journalism, or vocabulary lesson! Visit #georgialibraries
  • What events were making news in Georgia on the day you were born? Use the advanced search feature in the Georgia Historic Newspapers portal to look up your DOB. Can’t find the exact date? Expand your search nationally using Chronicling America.

Historical collections:

Georgia’s Treasures Genealogy Booklet

Georgia’s Treasures Genealogy Booklet | Social Media Messages

Use these messages to promote the Georgia’s Treasures genealogy booklet to your patrons.

  • Many #GeorgiaLibraries have unique, irreplaceable material highlighting the history of their communities. Learn more about Georgia’s Treasures at libraries around the state: 
  • Explore #Genealogy and #LocalHistory research resources at your local public library. Pick up a copy of the Georgia’s Treasures genealogy booklet from your local library!
  • The Georgia’s Treasures genealogy booklet is your guide to exploring genealogy and cultural collections around Georgia? Ask your librarian for a copy!
  • Ask your public librarian for a copy of “Georgia’s Treasures,” which gives a thorough description of genealogy, history, and cultural collections at Georgia public libraries.
  • If you have an interest in ATL history, civil rights movement or Southern literature, the Auburn Ave Research Library on African American Culture & History is an essential place to visit. Learn more about @AARL_Archives #GeorgiaLibraries @AFPL
  • The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library is one of GA’s primary participants in the Veterans History Project, an initiative of @librarycongress to collect, preserve & make accessible personal accounts of wartime soldiers. #GeorgiaLibraries
  • Interested in Scottish History? The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library has rare books, tartan banners & genealogical information on more than 130 Scottish clans! 
  • The Middle GA Archives have >9,200 drawings by pioneering architect Ellamae Ellis League, who began her career in 1924 when < 2 percent of American architects were women. Learn more & visit #GeorgiaLibraries #architecture @MGRLibraries
  • Find extensive records on the original 13 American colonies, Revolutionary War & more at the Middle GA Archives, plus photos & displays about GA history. #GeorgiaLibraries @MGRLibraries #history
  • The Ladson Genealogical Library is the only public library in GA exclusively dedicated to history & #genealogy, with >35,000 books, some more than 400 years old! #GeorgiaLibraries 
  • The Heritage Room at @AthensClarkeLib features oral histories from local WWII vets, collection of vintage children’s clothes, and much more. Check out their programming & visit this GA Treasure! #GeorgiaLibraries #history
  • The award-winning collection of Chinese-American Oral History @AugustaGALib recounts life there in 1950s & reflections on 1970 riot. #history
  • The @AugustaGALib has a strong collection of African American genealogical records, including many funeral programs for individuals involved in Civil Rights Movement. #GeorgiaLibraries #genealogy
  • From local shipbuilding history to a leather-bound Catholic Liturgy choral book from 1580, the Brunswick-Glynn County Library has a robust historical collection. Plan a visit to this GA Treasure! #GeorgiaLibraries @moglibraries #history
  • Interested in the #history of Savannah, GA? Plan a visit to the Bull Street Library to view historical maps, manuscripts & photos about the industrialization & expansion of the city. #GeorgiaLibraries @liveoakpl 
  • Highlights of the Switzer Library Georgia Room include original aperture cards from Cobb County photos included in the Vanishing Georgia Collection. Plan a visit to this GA Treasure! #GeorgiaLibraries @cobblibrary #history
  • Plan a visit to the Mary Willis Library, a Queen-Anne style building built in 1888 & on National Register of Historic Places. The library also has rare books & a mysterious iron trunk w/ false lock and hidden keyhole. #GeorgiaLibraries #history @natlparkservice

Georgia’s 10 Most Beautiful Public Libraries Passport Booklet

Georgia’s 10 Most Beautiful Libraries Passport Booklet | Social Media Messages

Use these messages to promote the Georgia’s 10 Most Beautiful Libraries Passport booklet to your patrons.

  • The Georgia’s 10 Most Beautiful Public Libraries passport booklet is your guide to exploring beautiful libraries around Georgia? Ask your librarian for a copy!
  • Ask your public librarian for a copy of “Georgia’s 10 Most Beautiful Public Libraries,” which highlights some of the beautifully designed libraries in Georgia.
  • Libraries are a great holiday destination – learn about & visit Georgia’s 10 most beautiful libraries! #georgialibraries 
  • Learn about & visit Georgia’s 10 most beautiful libraries! From a 130-year-old English Baroque library w/ stained glass by Tiffany to a seaside casino turned National Literary Landmark to a contemporary Atlanta architectural icon. #GeorgiaLibraries
  • By bringing culture, lifelong learning and discovery to Georgians every day, all libraries are beautiful. You can get your passport of 10 most beautiful public libraries in GA at your local library : #GeorgiaLibraries

Getting Started with Genealogy Guides

Handout: “5 Steps to Getting Started with Local History”

5 steps to getting started with local history

Download a PDF of this handout

Handout: “5 Steps to Getting Started with Genealogy”

5 steps to getting started with genealogy guide

Download a PDF of this handout

Freely reusable DLG images for social media sharing

eliza grier

Dr. Eliza Grier, Funeral Programs from the Thomas County PL

louise underwood

Photograph Portrait of Louise Underwood in costume, winner of the “Most Authentic Costume” during the Worth County Centennial Celebration in Sylvester, Worth County, Georgia, 1953 October, Worth County Library

two women sitting on steps

Photograph of two women sitting on the steps of a building, Clarkesville, Habersham County, Georgia, 1953

E.R. Carter

Photographs – Rev. E.R. Carter, AARL

More Local Images from Georgia Public Libraries

Free Genealogy Courses

There are many free genealogy research webinars available online. Use the links below to develop your own research acumen, or promote them to your patrons for easy, at-home learning.