Georgia Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (GLS) is happy to announce that we are slowly restarting our mailing service. Staff spent the first part of this week checking in materials that had been returned to GLASS during the shutdown, cleaning all returned machines and recharging batteries on all machines that have been sitting idle for weeks.

The GLS team also will start duplication on demand cartridge production. Patrons can expect to start receiving book cartridges very soon.

There will continue to be some modifications. All incoming mail sits for one week before it is checked in, which may cause a delay in your next cartridge being sent to you. We are grateful for your patience. If you do not have enough books on hand to listen to, please call your Reader Advisor, who can increase the number of cartridges allocated to your account.

Please return only one cartridge at a time and wait to receive its replacement before you return a second cartridge. Most accounts are set for a minimum of three cartridges out at a time. This does not include magazine cartridges or any cartridges mailed from Utah. A Reader Advisor can help you sort any of this out if you have questions.

We are here to help you keep reading using BARD, BARD Mobile and Bookshare resources.

If you have any questions, please phone GLS at (800) 248-6701.

library staff with glass reading machine