COVID-19 and GLASS: Updates


Please be advised that in light of current circumstances and with the safety of all in mind, GLASS will halt circulating Talking Book Cartridges until further notice. We ask that you hold on to any hardware that you have (cartridges, machines or other materials) until we resume our regular service. 
You can continue to enjoy accessible reading material through the use of BARD mobileBookshare or with NFB-Newsline. Technology allows GLASS staff to answer our telephones to provide assistance to patrons. We can explain how to use BARD, BARD Mobile and Bookshare to keep you reading during these unprecedented times. For further information please call 1-800-248-6701. Reader Advisors are available from 9AM until 4:30PM, Monday-Friday.


Out of an abundance of caution and concern over required travel for staff, a close working environment and other concerns over handling materials that have been circulating in the greater population, specifically to and from older and vulnerable residents, GLASS will suspend the mailing of digital book cartridges and talking book machines.  GLASS staff continues to answer the telephone to provide assistance to patrons in the use of GLASS digital downloads using BARD or BARD Mobile.  We ask that all patrons refrain from returning GLASS materials until further notice and we thank you for your cooperation!  

COVID -19 and GPLS: Updates