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PINNACLE is the Public library INstitute for New And Creative Leadership Education and is designed to prepare librarians to move into positions of leadership in their organizations and allow those already in these positions to improve their practice.

The PINNACLE leadership program is designed to give Georgia’s degreed public librarians with a minimum of two years professional experience in the skills they need to be leaders in the library field. We’re looking for your most promising staff members who have leadership potential, which includes those who aspire to be directors, or those wanting to lead in their specialty. Topics of study include problem solving, performance measures, power, and media relations. Each participant will conduct a significant self-directed learning project during the program that applies the concepts and principles of PINNACLE to a real-world issue. Participants will also be partnered with a mentor.

PINNACLE includes 7 mandatory sessions, starting with a week-long retreat in October, and continues with three-day sessions every other month. The program ends with a presentation at the Georgia Libraries Conference of the following year.