Nominate a Collection

We welcome the opportunity to work with libraries and other organizations on digitization projects. Please review these guidelines for an overview of project expectations.

    1. Archival Services and Digital Initiatives (ASDI) digitization projects are available to public libraries and their affiliated institutions (historical societies, genealogical societies, etc.) that are interested in digitizing unique collections of photographs, manuscripts, bound materials, or audio/video recordings of regional or statewide historical significance.
    1. Nominees are encouraged to consider whole collections or well-defined series for digitization. The number of images this will encompass will vary from project to project. The size and scope of each project should be clearly indicated in the Nomination Form.
    2. ASDI reserves the right to decline materials that exhibit signs of extensive fragility, disrepair, volatility, instability, mold, infestation, or other conditions that may adversely affect other materials, ASDI/DLG staff, and/or equipment.
    3. ASDI project selection will be based on a selections rubric. ASDI reserves the right to prioritize project selection based on this rubric and other factors, including when the collection is available for digitization, availability of funding, and/or workflow-related issues (e.g. size, format, quantity, etc.).
    4. To qualify for a ASDI project, the library and/or partner organization must agree to complete descriptive metadata for the digital objects created. A spreadsheet with required fields will be provided.  The library and/or partner organization must also agree to making the digitized materials available via the Digital Library of Georgia and the Digital Public Library of America
    5. ASDI staff will conduct consultative and evaluative site visits as necessary to assist the applicant in preparing for the digitization process. Participating institutions are responsible for packing items, but advance arrangements may be made for the pick-up of materials by ASDI staff.
    6. The acceptance of a project and the subsequent provision of digital reproductions by the Digital Library of Georgia do not constitute permission by any copyright holder and are not a substitute for diligent compliance with all applicable copyright requirements.