Breakout Programs — Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Sessions I (A-D) 11:15 am - 12:20 pm Print Session I
Concurrent Sessions II (E-H) 1:35 pm - 2:25 pm Print Session II
Concurrent Sessions III (I-L) 2:40 pm - 3:30 pm Print Session III

Concurrent Sessions I (11:15 am - 12:20 pm)

Session I Breakout Programs – 65 Minutes

Participants Choose One from A, B, C, or D

A. "Crafting the User-Centered Library"

Cliff Landis, Valdosta State University

This session will show practical (and often free) methods for gathering data from users in a variety of ways for user-centric design. You will learn techniques for implementing what your users need and want, and will learn how to overcome the obstacles that may pop up.

B. "Online History and Culture Updates: The Civil Rights Digital Library, the Digital Library of Georgia and Georgia HomePLACE"

Toby Graham, Digital Library of Georgia
Edward Johnson, Georgia HomePLACE/GALILEO

Digital Library of Georgia (DLG) Director Toby Graham will update the GALILEO community about the Civil Rights Digital Library, the major new initiative that offers an online archive of film from news media, educator resources, and a web portal to other historical materials related to the movement. HomePLACE Director Ed Johnson will focus on the DLG collaborative digitization project about the Douglas Theatre, a major venue for Black Vaudeville, the Blues, and early African American film..

C. "Simple Web Site Redesign"

Darin Givens, Georgia Public Library Service
Tim Daniels, Georgia Public Library Service

A well-designed Web site can ensure that you are effectively communicating with your patrons while also providing them with the best possible Web services. Learn the basics of how to measure the usability of your current library site, define clear goals for a redesign project and incorporate tools that can open your site up to participation from staff and patrons.

D. "Training Showcase – Late Morning"

Current Contents Connect (Room K)
WorldCat/FirstSearch Databases (Room L)

Designed from a trainer’s approach this session highlights the strategic features, benefits and trends of selected GALILEO databases. Come join these discussions with expert staff from either Thomson Scientific or OCLC/SOLINET.

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Concurrent Sessions II (1:35 pm - 2:25 pm)

Session II Breakout Programs – 50 Minutes

Participants Choose One from E, F, G or H

E. "Blogging for the Evolving Library…and the World!"

Jimmy Lo, Dekalb County Public Library
Jonathan Harwell, Georgia Southern University
Nolan Reynolds, Dekalb County Public Library

This program introduces the successful Web logs launched by two Georgia libraries—one academic, one public. Learn how to establish a blog for your library, create and manage your own content, resolve typical technical issues, and use the magic of RSS to read other blogs, news, and more. Blogging is a fun, easy, and effective way to keep people updated about new resources, services, and facilities, while also making connections with interested people around the world. Speakers include a webmaster, a branch librarian who blogs for a public library, and an academic librarian who manages two blogs at a university library.

F. "Collaborating with Faculty to Combat Plagiarism Through the Use of Information Literacy Sessions and Innovative Research Projects"

Kate Farley, Armstrong Atlantic State University

Learn how the Armstrong Atlantic State University’s Lane Library is working with instructors to combat student plagiarism. Information literacy sessions have been designed to impart critical thinking skills and give students a better understanding of plagiarism and how to avoid it. Creative Librarian/Instructor collaboration in the design of advanced research projects can help eliminate plagiarism at its root. Well-suited for those working with high school and college-age patrons, this program will provide you with ideas to help students and staff develop better research and writing skills as well as techniques to stamp out plagiarism.

G. "What’s New and What’s Next? You Tell GALILEO"

Karen Minton, GALILEO, Library Services, Board of Regents

GALILEO, our one statewide library, puts you first! Inquiring minds want to know how GALILEO can serve you and your users and build on the GALILEO upgrade. Part presentation and part focus group, this session is your opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions about new and next developments in GALILEO.

H. "Training Showcase – Early Afternoon "

HeritageQuest/Ancestry (Room K)
Health and Nursing Resources - EBSCO (Room L)

Designed from a trainer’s approach this session highlights the strategic features, benefits and trends of selected GALILEO databases. Come join these discussions with expert staff from either ProQuest or EBSCO.

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Concurrent Sessions III (2:40 pm - 3:30 pm)

Session III Breakout Programs – 50 Minutes

Participants Choose One from I, J, K or L

I. "The GALILEO Knowledge Repository Project"

Tyler Walters, Georgia Tech Library and Information Center
Toby Graham, Digital Library of Georgia

The GALILEO Knowledge Repository (GKR) is poised to begin testing its services with selected University System of Georgia (USG) campuses, providing access to members of the public who seek USG-produced scholarly works and other research information. Members of the GKR steering and technical committees have submitted a grant proposal to the IMLS this past February to staff and fund this pilot phase of operations. The GKR project will result in a searchable metadata repository open to the public and will provide an institutional repository (IR) hosting service to USG institutions. This is a unique national model being built here in Georgia. Please attend this session to learn more about the GKR project and how it will benefit your users!

J. "Georgia Health-Go Local: Your Link to Health Services in the Peach State"

Rita Smith, Mercer University Medical Library
Anna Krampl, Mercer University Medical Library

Consumers in Georgia now have a convenient new way to locate health services and resources in their own county or zip code. Georgia Health-Go Local ( is a federally-funded initiative to link users of MedlinePlus, the National Library of Medicine’s (NLM) premier consumer health information Web site, to health services and providers in their local community. The presentation will feature a discussion of the statewide collaboration and partners at the heart of the project. In addition, the site will be demonstrated, and attendees will learn how they can participate in promoting, reviewing and/or adding information for their local communities.

K. "Let Your Audience Hear You: Creating an Instructional Podcast"

Jason Puckett, Woodruff Library, Emory University
Rachel Borchardt, Woodruff Library, Emory University

Interested in publishing an instructional podcast at your library? Learn the steps to design, plan and produce a podcast for your students using inexpensive hardware and mostly free software. We will discuss both instructional design and technological how-to, drawing on our experiences producing Woodruff Library’s Survival Guide podcast for undergraduates. We will include topics such as technology tools, publicity, “iTunes U”, and involving tech-shy colleagues.

L. "Training Showcase – Late Afternoon"

ProQuest (Room K)
EBSCOhost (Room L)

Designed from a trainer’s approach this session highlights the strategic features, benefits and trends of selected GALILEO databases. Come join these discussions with expert staff from either ProQuest or EBSCO.

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