Keynote Speaker — Cliff Landis

Cliff Landis is Assistant Professor and Technology Librarian at Valdosta State University’s Odum Library in Valdosta, Georgia. Cliff has developed a reputation for being a humorous, entertaining and provocative speaker in the areas of: social software, social networking, productivity, technology in libraries, teaching with technology, user-centric services, Library 2.0 and the future of libraries. Cliff has presented nationally and internationally, has published several articles and book chapters on library technology topics, and can be found blogging at

"The Evolving Library: Taking Action and Getting Results"

Abstract: You’ve created a library blog. You’re putting pictures on the Web. You’ve got a social network account. And yet for all the Web 2.0 tools you’re using, you see little change. Learn what’s at the heart of the “Evolving Library”, and what values and characteristics are necessary to be a success. Cliff Landis will also explain the practical action steps necessary to get results from emerging technologies. Learn how to make your library evolve, bit by bit, into the library your users have always dreamed of!

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Annual GOLD/GALILEO Users Conference set for August (GPLS News, June 2008)

Toni's Introduction for Cliff's Presentation

"Good Morning Everyone. It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to our world: One World, One Library. And who better to be your guide to a brave new – and ever-expanding -- world than our keynote speaker, Cliff Landis.

Cliff Landis is Technology Librarian and Assistant Professor of Library & Information Science at Valdosta State University. Cliff comes to us today to spread his love of user-centric services.  In the past year, Cliff has managed three different usability studies, and he is continually seeking feedback from library users to make informed instruction, technology and policy decisions.

All this you could have probably guessed but here’s a little something that maybe you didn’t know. Cliff has confessed to me that he is a chronic crafter, so when he's not publishing and presenting on libraries and technology, you can find him in his workroom at home, doing soap-making, bookbinding, woodworking, knitting, crocheting, sewing, origami, or any number of other hand-made crafts. But wait, it gets better for this artisian!

Cliff is also an avid dancer.  He has taught East Coast and Lindy Hop swing dancing, as well as Hooping and Firehooping--a form of athletic dancing with big hula hoops and fire!

Needless to say, Cliff has a lot of energy!  So let's give him an energetic, warm and worldly round of applause as he teaches us about The Evolving Library: Taking Action and Getting Results!"