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For “Gift Designation” select GLASS Fund.

Make checks out to:

USG Foundation. In the memo line: GLASS.

Mail checks to:

Georgia Public Library Services
Attn: Marlene Stephens
1800 Century Place
Suite 580
Atlanta, GA  30345

Fund Information

You can contact GLASS to request the W9 for the University System of Georgia Foundation Fund (EIN 58-6333106).

Donation Policy

GLASS encourages and welcomes monetary gifts, bequests, endowments and memorial or honorary contributions. These gifts help enrich and improve library services. Monetary contributions are added to the University System of Georgia Foundation Fund (EIN 58-6333106) which is allocated by the Georgia Public Library Service to purchase materials, or equipment, or support library programs not covered in GLASS operation budget.

Donations accepted by GLASS shall be final with no restrictions on using the gift. GLASS will provide timely, written acknowledgements of the receipt of gifts.

Reviewed May 2017