Book Clubs

Want to discover new books and discuss them with friends? Join one of our book clubs!

For Grown Folks Only

The For Grown Folks Only book club is for a mature audience ages 35 and older, and is on the second Tuesday of every month. The conference call number is: 1-607-475-6777 and the access code is 1959.

Standard player with two containers, one of them open showing a talking book cartridge

Other Book Clubs

There are also three other book clubs that regularly meet over the phone. The first is the women’s book club, which meets the last Monday of every month. The second is the men’s book club meets the last Wednesday of every month. Both are for adults, and are open to patrons statewide who are receive service through GLASS.

Title selections for our book clubs are based on the suggestions of book club members. Join us to make new friends while discovering a variety of new books!

Please call 1-800-248-6701 for more information or to join one of our book clubs, and to reserve a copy of the book we’ll be discussing.


Usually over the phone. The conference call number is 1-607-475-677 and the access code is 1959.


Varies, depending on the club. For more information about our book clubs, please call 1-800-248-6701 to find the right book club for you.

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