Sample Evaluation Forms and FAQs

We're collecting sample forms for staff and director evaluations and posting them here:

Also see the FAQ's below...

FAQ'a about the evaluation forms from State Librarian Julie Walker

I've had several questions regarding the requirement for evaluations for those positions reimbursed by the state grant, and wanted to share responses with all.

1. Is the 3% increase a one-time allocation, or will it be added to the base?
A: The 3% is intended to be added to the base salary, and is on-going.

2. Will evaluations be submitted to GPLS? Will GPLS approve evaluation forms?
A: No evaluations will be sent to GPLS, and we will not be involved in the selection of evaluation forms or processes. Each director should determine the most useful and effective evaluation method for his/her staff, and the board of trustees should evaluate the director in the way they find to be most appropriate. The year-end certification form sent to GPLS will be revised to include a statement certifying that evaluations were completed.

3. Why was this requirement added at this time?
A: For several years, state employee salary increases were not extended to our state-reimbursed positions, since they are not technically state employee positions. This year, after extensive discussions with OPB, we were happy to see that our positions were included in this year's increase. In order to ensure compliance with the Governor's mandate that all salary increases are merit-based, we believed that it was vital to demonstrate that performance was being evaluated, and that those evaluations were being used to make salary decisions. After years of flat salaries, this potential increase signals good news going forward for our library positions.

4. Did RPLAC meet to discuss this topic?
A: RPLAC is not scheduled to meet until May. In order to give you time to institute evaluation procedures if not already in place, we polled RPLAC members to determine if they felt this requirement was reasonable, necessary, and that systems would have enough time to implement before the new fiscal year began. RPLAC unanimously supported this requirement. An official vote will take place at the May meeting.

5. How will this change the formula?
A: A specific sum of money was allocated for this purpose. Once the budget has been approved and signed, we will calculate a new amount for the "base" salary allocation that is included for each position. As before, you will determine how much each of your state-reimbursed positions is paid.

6. Where can I find sample evaluation forms?
A: Several directors have offered to share, and we will post any we receive on the DKB. (The DKB link can be found at the bottom of our webpage, and is no longer password-protected) There are sample director evaluation forms in the Tools for Trustees handbook as well.