Job Description Examples

I recently asked for examples of Job Descriptions and received several. I am posting them here so that others can benefit from them. Thanks to everyone who took the time to send them.


GOLD Membership Compliance Materials Sent 4/4/07. Completed Forms Due to GPLS June 1, 2007

Each GOLD Member institution must return their “Statement of Compliance” to the Georgia Public Library Service no later than June 1, 2007.

Their compliance statement will indicate that for Calendar Year 2006 (Jan – Dec) their institution adhered to the following membership requirements:


Public Library Systems by Size/Population Served

This information was updated in January 2007.



Outdoor Furniture Considerations

Posted with permission, from an email posted by Greg Heid (Newton County Library) on 3/22/07:

Impact Fees in Georgia Public Libraries

Attached is information on Georgia public libraries receiving impact fees, based on a survey in November 2006. Feel free to add comments or let me know if I need to update this chart. --David Singleton

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